Sunday, October 2, 2011


  That's right, folks. As of tonight, my life has become Wilkey III and I fully intend to race each and every one of you down the beach wearing half-length, torso-revealing tank tops. You'll beat me over the course of a montage but by the end, I shall be victorious and we will embrace in mid-air, in slow motion. Wait, that's in Rocky III. This is WILKEY III. It begins here on the floor of my brand new apartment, in a muscle shirt and underwear, and it certainly feels like it took an exhibition match with Hulk Hogan and two heavyweight bouts with Mister T to get here. Join me in my deep, continuous sighs of relief as I recount the first two chapters of the Wilkey Saga.

  The original Wilkey ended when I was 17. It was a free ride. I gave it so little thought, I can barely remember it.  In fact, I so rarely stepped out of my mind, Im not sure I was ever really here. But it's a lovely story. Give them what they want, so long as it doesn't take time from my fantasy world. Black Belt, Honors Student, Varsity Athlete, Musician, Editor, Set Crew Member. What else do you got? How about a hospital stay? How about Wilkey II?

  Who gets a second chance at growing up? Who gets to reassemble and restart? Most importantly, who spends another fifteen years trying to do it all over again, expecting it to turn out better? Here's the good news. The 'you' that you're supposed to be is never far away. In fact, he's been with me all along, often lost, confused and angry but he's been around. Where do you think the writing and the music has been coming from? And instead of Mickey being an angel on my shoulder all these years, I have had my parents in my corner. I have had brothers and great friends. Wilkey II is dedicated to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Trisha, Hiro, Kevin, Jenna, The Colonel and Pollard.

  Mickey dies in Rocky III and Rocky moves on to other mentors.  Not me. Mark my words. I'm the only in my corner and that's the way I want it to be. That's the way it's always been. My friends and loved ones have their own lives to live. They'll always be there for me but after growing up twice, it's time I took the wheel. It's taken 32 years but I know how I work. Here I will establish what I call The Bunker. This is where I make my stand. This is where the fantasy world starts to cross over to the real one in a big way. My writing is my mission. This is my workspace. From here, I will be on the outside looking out.  From here, I will reach out to others like me. From here, I will create the future of WILKEY.