Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sparring Artist 3

  "I'm drowning and you're describing the water!"  Jack Nicholson uttered these words in the classic film As Good As It Gets. More importantly, I've uttered these words many a time to a woman who will not be derailed when she feels she must spell out what she perceives the problem to be. That woman would be my darling mother. Now, assuming the person who has the problem does not fully understand said problem is not totally unreasonable but when the dilemma is imminent death by way of asphyxiation, one might find any thoughts on avoiding this scenario or finding a solution to be a bit more of value.

  On the other hand, my mother might take a look at this series of essays and could essentially say the same about me. Drowning, as a metaphor, has direct links to the experience of depression after all and they're both "D" words! So what is there to gain from describing it? My mother is smart enough to pass this question up. Her issue is my choice to share it, to make it public. I'm drowning. I'm describing the water...and I'm inviting all to witness how deftly I choose my words as this all occurs. Do I have to do this? Is this the only way I share my writing? Of course not.

  My mother is here to protect me and to ensure I remain protected. She will always be. Being perplexed as to why her son who spends so much time staying clear of the darkness would choose to return to it on any basis, regular or otherwise, is perfectly reasonable. On the other hand, if my writing were to gain an audience and maybe even help others, there wouldn't even be an issue. For now, the word is catharsis. I face it. I engage it it. I report it here.Soon, this series will end. The sparring will not but whatever readers I do have will always know that while we all pursue our daily lives, some may be drowning but still others could be sitting right next you sparring with thoughts, sparring with ideas, sparring with themselves.

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