Monday, March 12, 2012

Sparring Artist

  Lying down. Sitting up. Standing up. Has your day ever been broken down to these three steps? Have you ever given it your best shot only to go through all three steps again in reverse? Ending up back where you started? At some point, it feels like when you’re sitting on the floor and you rock yourself backward in order to propel yourself forward, only it takes a few more tries than anticipated. For some, I am merely describing feeling old or tired. For others, I am describing a typical day.

  Once you get that momentum and you’re off and running, it is near impossible to stop for anything or anyone. You grow impatient with life and others. Now imagine what happens to this frustration when you realize you’re just giving that momentum away and you’ll never get it back. That’s what daily life is right? No way, it can’t be, not when you fight so hard for it.

  Those are brave words. Those are words that apparently can be repeated endlessly. Those are words. If you’re lucky, your loved ones will listen to them. That’s all they can do. I take that back. They can listen and they can help. In order for the former to lead to the latter, something must be done. The next time you finding yourself standing up only to lie back down, take a step instead. Take a couple of steps. You have changed the steps to the dance. Most people will step on your feet, to be sure. This is not the dance they are familiar with. It is your dance. No one said it has to be pretty.

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